Tabbi’at – Healthscapes

Exploring entanglements of health and environment in the Middle East and North Africa

© Maziyar Ghiabi

Healthscapes is a network that aims to bring together researchers, scholars, artists, activists and institutions working in the field of environment and health humanities in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Led by Dr Semih Çelik, Dr Maziyar Ghiabi, and Dr Chris Sandal-Wilson, the network was founded in 2023 to bring together perspectives from across the humanities and social sciences and develop understandings of the entanglement of health and environment in the Middle East and North Africa.

The network launches with a two-day long in-person workshop to be held at the
University of Exeter on 26-27 July 2023

The workshop aims to address the following questions among others:

  • How has the relationship between health and environment been conceptualized across the MENA? What theoretical and practical implications can be gained by attending to this history?
  • How have concepts of ecological and health vulnerability, resilience, and recovery echoed differently in imperial, postimperial, colonial, post- and neo-colonial settings in the MENA?
  • How can we understand the role of more-than-human actors in disaster, disease and recovery in the MENA?

Film Screening
Beirut the Aftermath, directed by Fadia Ahmad

Keynote Speaker
Jennifer Derr, Chemical medicine, capitalist public health, and the scales of the body in Nasser’s Egypt